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24 Ottobre 2013

OISE Student Report – Carola Aquino

Imagetyrtyrt9OISE Oxford
Advanced Learners’ Programme 2013

imageStudent Report – Carola Aquino


Throughout the 2 weeks that she spent at the OISE Oxford Advanced Learners’ Programme, Carola demonstrated a very mature attitude to both her studies and the social aspects of the course. Because of
this, she was seen by all her teachers and fellow students as a fantastic asset to the course and a pleasure to have in the group.
In particular, her teachers noticed that her written work was of an extremely high standard, both in the quality of her ideas and the language used to express them. She pushed herself to look beyond the
obvious, and always produced exemplary results. Her essays were used by teachers as model examples to inspire other students to improve the quality of their work, and some essays could even be
considered at university level.
As well as this, Carola demonstrated great improvement in her spoken English, both when participating in the daily classes and culminating in an exceptional final presentation. It was noted by the Principal of OISE Oxford, David Newton, that her presentation was of the same standard as (if not better than) that of many of the school’s professional (adult) students, and we were particularly impressed that she managed to speak so confidently and fluently without the need for notes.
Finally, Carola’s attitude to study, her ability to argue complex ideas in English, and her current level of English demonstrate that she would be able to complete future study in English, and I would like to recommend that she considered completing part of her university studies in an English-speaking country.

Sophie Pantcheff
OISE Oxford Advanced Learners’ Programme
Course Co-ordinator

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